Bill Rankin

Direct 703-461-0113 Ext. 117

Cell 832-623-3151

Bill Rankin began working for Novawall corporate in 2010. He left for a year in 2014 to work with our Texas Distributor, Marek to support their expansion of Novawall in Texas. He returned to Novawall corporate in 2015. If there ever was someone who belonged at Novawall, it is Bill Rankin.

Bill brings with him over 33 years of acoustical stretch fabric expertise, 28 of those years working with Novawall. Bill is the VP of Technical Sales and Product Development and is a LEED Green Associate. From running his own installation company in Houston installing Novawall throughout south Texas, to working with Marek and his experience while working with our Novawall distributors around the world, there aren’t many things he hasn’t seen in construction. He is a stickler for detail.

His biggest pleasure is to educate, explain and demonstrate the entirety of the Novawall Acoustical System seeing Novawall always as a solution. What really excites him, is to develop and deliver aesthetic options that provide really good acoustic results. Transparency is his motto, so all of our test reports are published, all of our installing Partners are listed on our website, so you always know who you will be working with on your next Novawall project. He is the point person for all questions about Novawall. You can ask him about fabrics, fire testing, lighting, acoustics, acoustical testing, acoustical cores, LEED and any other query about the art of stretched fabrics. His knowledge, excitement and enthusiasm for the industry can be contagious and we are all very grateful he’s a part of the Novawall team.

Bill maintains a voting membership with ASTM 05 Surface Burning committees and is a member of ACT, the Association for Contract Textiles. He lives in Alexandria, VA because he loves art, history, port cities and being close to water…. and the office.

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