Congratulations to Direct Path Corporation (DPC) for winning Novawall’s Project of the Month for August 2019. The winning submission is Appian Corporation located in Tysons, Virginia.

Founded in 1999 by Matthew Calkins,  Michael Beckley,  Marc Wilson, Bob Kramer,  Appian Corporation is a cloud computing company headquartered in Tysons, Virginia, and is part of the Dulles Technology Corridor. Appian sells a Platform as a Service for building enterprise software applications.

This project required over 500 Baffles in 15 different custom sizes, ranging from; 2’ x 1.5” x 1’  up to 19’ x 1.5” x 1.”  Small baffles weren’t a problem, however; the challenge became how would Direct Path get the larger Baffles on site.  Roughly 100 Baffles were too large to fit on the elevators.  That’s when Victor Alva, project manager, and Jeffery Jimenez, lead installer created a plan to construct the larger Baffles in the warehouse by; precutting the MDF board, Novawall track, and fabric with the final assembly on-site to optimize time, labor, and materials.

Direct Path installed over 7,500 linear feet of Novawall on 8 floors including;  conference rooms, training rooms, and “social” living rooms.  Another win for DPC was winning the award of the acoustical panels and the shades on Appian.

Key members for this project included; Victor Alva, project manager, Callison RTKL, architectural firm, and Hitt Contracting, the GC.

The Appian project was completed in 6-weeks and is DPC’s largest and most impressive Baffle projects to date, installed in one of the most sought-after business districts in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

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