Congratulations to Cavanaugh Wall Solutions, Inc. for winning Novawall’s Project of the Month for December 2018. The winning submission is Google Nike*(not affiliated with the shoe company), located in New York, New York. The 2.9 million square foot building has been owned by Google since 2010 and is one of the largest technology-owned office buildings in the world. Cavanaugh Wall Solutions installed over 12,000 sq./ft of Novawall across 35 rooms including; training, phone, and conference rooms. Frank Burrini from Cavanaugh Wall installed 1″ Weltless Edge on the tops and 1″ Concealed track on the bottom covered by Maharam and Luum fabrics. “The Fabric Garden” is a room that required Burrini to install stretched fabric on walls, benches, and even up and over the ceiling and then back down the other side.

Key members for this project included; Kevin Brisbin, project manager for Cavanaugh Wall Solutions, HLW the designer, and Benchmark the General Contractor.

With the completion of this 4-week project, it is one of Cavanaugh’s most unique installs with the ‘Up and Over’ fabric installation.

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