Congratulations to Sonus Interiors for winning the Novawall Project of the Month for December 2022.

The winning submission is The Metropolitan Airports Commission – Terminal – 1 Lindbergh Parking Expansion, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The MAC was established in 1943 by the State of Minnesota to operate as an airport authority serving the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) is a 650-person organization that owns and operates Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and six reliever airports in the Twin Cities area bring award-winning service and a seamless travel experience to its customers.

“Originally specified Newmat rails and membranes, but because three large bays over the escalators are so high (~40’-50’ AFF for the top one), we realized it would be a massive problem to install this with Newmat membranes and rails. The solution, install translucent fabric instead of a membrane. We installed the fabric into the Novawall 1-inch Weltless edge track, and since the fabric didn’t need to be heated up, it was the perfect solution,” said project manager Vlad Revniaga. When asked about the installation, “Uniformity was key. The architect decided to keep the entire project the same, and the scope changed to the Novawall track and a Translucent fabric”.

Installed throughout the new Terminal 1 Lindbergh Parking facility at MAC, this project took 960 man-hours of labor and 1,800/LF of Novawall 1-inch Weltless Edge Track. “When you walk in, the first feature you see is our ceiling installed in-between Hunter Douglas metal baffles. Then it follows into a big ‘raceway’ throughout the ramp with an elegant design. “This brings out the other finishes in the space, and finally, we have the (3) huge pods above the main escalator, which were installed off of articulating boom lifts and were very labor-intensive,” said lead installer Josh Dwyer.

Key members for this project include Sonus Interiors project manager Vlad Revniaga, Lead Installer Josh Dwyer, and Architectural Firm Miller Dunwiddie.

With a 16-week completion, the MAC project bridges custom design with a cohesive fit, perfect for the modern-day airways system.

Congratulations again to; Vladimir Revniaga, Josh Dwyer, and the rest of the Sonus Team!


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