Congratulations to MAREK Brothers for winning the Novawall Project of the Month for November 2022.
The winning submission is MAREK Brothers Office in Grapevine, Texas.
Founded over 80 years ago as a drywall business, MAREK immediately began shaping the industry with the innovative way they purchased, delivered, and installed drywall in the market. Through their strong industry relationships, they have since diversified as a large company offering various products. MAREK has been a highly successful Novawall installation partner that consistently delivers high volume for over 12 years.
“This project came about when we reached out to Bill Rankin and Seana Reilly with Novawall for a design concept for a wall that would showcase Novawall and Novawall’s new PET line, Novaform. Our company was creating a new showroom in our Dallas office and reached out to several product vendors that would satisfy various vendors’ product lines,” said project manager Alan Alfano.
The Marek Office project for the Novawall portion included six Gabriel fabrics, 1″ & 2″ Novawall Weltless Edge System, incorporating the StepOne StepTwo step effect design element; with Twelve-millimeter Novaform in the colors; Northern Sea, Artic, Night Ocean, Coastal Fog, Thunder, Everglade, and Wet Stone seamlessly integrated next to the Novawall installation to show one cohesive look.
When asked about their view of the installation, Bill Rankin said, “Marek offered us a wall to showcase Novaform; the challenge was to not look like all the ‘squares and rectangles’ but to set apart from what you’re seeing in all commercial space right now.” Novaform Division Manager; Seana Reilly concurs, “we wanted something different from the uniform repeated patterns; something more custom and organic that would look more like a mural with fluid lines.”
Key members for this project include Marek Brothers project manager Alan Alfano, Superintendent Tommy Weeks, Bill Rankin, and Seana Reilly with Novawall.
Completed in 6 weeks; the MAREK SPD projects’ custom design and cohesive fit are nothing short; of magnificent. The one-of-a-kind contemporary installation incorporates both Novawall and Novaform, and its graphic imagery shows as art.
Congratulations again to; Alan Alfano, Tommy Weeks, and the rest of the MAREK Team!

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