The Estate at New Albany by Ketchum & Walton Company

Congratulations to Ketchum & Walton Company (Columbus) for winning Novawall’s Project of the Month for July 2019.  The winning submission is The Estate, located in New Albany, Ohio.  Opened in the fall of 2018, The Estate at New Albany is a multi-purpose events venue; situated on 5 picturesque acres.

This project came to fruition, by the designer, Feher Architecture reaching out to Ketchum & Walton regarding the Grand Foyer.  Feher Architects expressed that the Grand Foyer was very lively and needed some reverberation control.   Ketchum & Walton made a site visit and measured the RT60.  The RT60 was 2.3 seconds at 500 Hz, and the target RT60 was 1.0-1.2 seconds.   “One of the challenges we faced was the owner wanted the fabric to match the existing wall and paint color.  The design intent was to have the Novawall system seamlessly integrated into space; we didn’t want the panels to look like an afterthought.  We found the Sherwin Williams paint color swatch and had Tectonics (the printer) match the fabric and paint color perfectly.  The finished product was installing a 10-foot band of widespan fabric around the entire foyer perimeter wall.  The result was an almost seamless installation,” said project manager, Dave Novak.

Upon project completion, the owner walked into the room and asked, “when are the panels going to be installed?”  The events manager then replied, “the panels are installed, and you cannot tell because the contractor did such a great job!”

Key members for this project included; Nick Pezzutti and Dave Novak, project managers for Ketchum & Walton, Feher Architecture, and working directly with the owner.

The Estate project was completed in 3-weeks and is a shining example of matching the fabric to paint color.

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