EcoTRACK®100% PVC-Free Polymer

Our Declare label of NOVAWALL EcoTRACK® 100% PVC-Free.  NOVAWALL EcoTRACK®100% PVC-Free is Living Building Challenge Red List Free and is low VOC – Schools and Classroom Compliant.

NOVAWALL Systems, Inc. has been producing EcoTRACK® 100% PVC-Free for 20 years. Personal electronics are most often first to the waste stream, we followed the personal electronics industries’ reduction of PVC and looked at the chemistries and polymers that make up EcoTRACK® 100% PVC-Free today. EcoTRACK® needed to have similar properties as PVC such as; flexibility and fire resistance with the added benefit of being a low VOC product and 100% recyclable.

100% PVC Free

VOC – CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method Version 1.2, 2017 – School and Classroom Compliant

Class A Fire Rated (tested in accordance with ASTM E 84/ASTM E 2573)

DECLARE Living Building Challenge Red List Free

100% Recyclable

Only Available in Black

NOVAWALL EcoTRACK® Track-Back Program

NOVAWALL EcoTRACK® is 100% PVC free and has no recycled content.
We have initiated the EcoTRACK – Track-Back Program which you can find here.