This is Novaspan®

The Novaspan® Systems are wide span systems incorporating Novawall® extrusions and the Novaspan®textile, for use on large areas and ceilings. There are two widths:

  • Novaspan10 (125″ wide)
  • Novaspan16 (192″ wide)

Novaspan® Textile Specifications

  • Yarn Content: 100% FR Polyester
  • Backing: None
  • Widths: 125″ or 192″
  • Repeat: None
  • Flammability: Passes ASTM E-84, Class A or 1
  • Stocked in White, custom colors available with a 300 LY minimum order

Test Results

Fire Tests

Acoustic Tests

Luminous Reflectance

Architectural Testing, Inc. was contracted by Novawall® to evaluate the luminous reflectance of Novaspan®. The test method, product description, and test results are reported in the PDF below.

Cleaning Instructions

For Novaspan10 (125″ wide) and Novaspan16 (192″ wide)

The Novaspan® fabric can be vacuumed (lightly) with a clean upholstery brush for routine cleaning.

For spots, use warm water (120° – 160° F) on a clean sponge or towel with diluted soap (such as Ivory) and dab area. Do not apply soap directly to fabric, dilute it first. The area can air dry or dry on low with a hairdryer. A Chemical Sponge can also be used. Make sure that the sponge or towel is clean or brand new. Do not use any item to clean with that is rough or stained as this may snag or further stain the fabric.