Novawall® Guide Specifications

The NOVAWALL guide specifications are a tool for design professionals.  The guide specifications are provided with editing prompts in brackets inserted in the text.  The specification writer is asked to make a selection in the specification at each point where these brackets appear.

Your NOVAWALL representative can assist you with specifications in several ways.  If specifying NOVAWALL for the first time, you may wish to review these specification guides.

Another tool available from your NOVAWALL representative is a Mockup sample panel of your design.  A Mockup sample will bring your design details together to preview and inspect the results before they are implemented.  To create a Mockup sample, the designer must make four key decisions:

Edge and Midseam Conditions
Panel Layout

A Mockup sample can also be used to demonstrate the maintainability of the system and allow you to see how precisely a fabric pattern can be matched.  If several site-fabricated stretch-fabric systems are being considered, it is important that you request a Mockup sample from each manufacturer to ensure design integrity and quality.