What is Novawall®?

Novawall is a site fabricated stretch fabric system that can be implemented into any architectural project (commercial, healthcare, or residential) as a design element or as a solution to various acoustical problems.  Because the Novawall system is site fabricated it will conform to unforeseen fit and finish issue in onsite construction.  One of the advantages of Novawall is that finished field measurements are not required to do a quote or an installation; elevations with the panels’ layout are all that is required.


Where is Novawall® used?

The applications for Novawall are endless. The system has been used in residential, commercial and specialty construction projects such as:

  • Airport Lounges
  • Auditoriums
  • Art
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Bank Lobbies
  • Break Rooms
  • Ceilings
  • Churches
  • Clouds
  • Conference Rooms
  • Corporate Dining Rooms
  • Corridors/Hallways
  • Conference Rooms
  • Corporate Dining Rooms
  • Movie Theatres
  • Museums
  • Office Tackboards
  • Recording Studios
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Walls

New applications for Novawall products are being invented everyday by architects, designers and end users.

Specification: How Novawall is incorporated into a project?

There are several ways that Novawall is specified into a project.   A specification can come through an architect or designer, requested by a facilities manager or chosen by the owner or end user.  All of these avenues are used frequently, but for the distributors or representatives who is just starting out with the product, the best way to enter into the market is to build relationships with the architects or designers (referred to as the A & D community).  Once you make the entry into the A & D community, then there are several other types of contacts to market to form facility managers to system integrators.

Novawall is the ultimate site fabricated system, striving for consistent quality in installations and superior customer service sets us apart from the competition.

Benefits and Attributes of Novawall:

  • Front Loaded
  • Concealed
  • Design Flexibility
  • Site Fabricated
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Strict Adherence to Fire Codes
  • Sustainable Attributes
  • Controlled Distribution
  • Factory Certified Installers
  • Wide Range of Fabric Compatibility
  • Exact Pattern Matching
  • Acoustical
  • Tackable
  • Aesthetic
  • 5-Year Warranty for EcoTRACK®
  • Lifetime Warranty for Rigid PVC extrusions
  • Can Conform to Concave and Convex Surfaces
  • Finished Field Surfaces Not Required

Front Loaded – Most of the Novawall track is “front loaded”; the fabric is tucked into the track from the front and not the sides, there is no “snapping” or “locking” mechanism to the track, and there is no adhesive that is used on the extrusions.  The Front loaded feature allows for exact pattern matching, no damage to the fabric when manipulating it, and allows for fast and easy maintenance as the fabric can be replaced from the front.

Concealed – The concealed edge track is for an edge detail that has an exposed visible edge; the same tooth design in the front system is used in the concealed edge track.  There should be at least 3 or more inches from the abutting surface in order to use the tuck tool on the concealed edge.

Design Flexibility – Novawall is used in a variety of applications from solving noise issues to making a room “pop” aesthetically.

Site Fabricated – Novawall is built onsite, giving custom fit and finish to the surface it applies to.  If the substrate (drywall, plaster, CMU) is not perfect, Novawall will cover the anomalies.  The lines are crisp and clean giving it an elegant look to the finished surfaces.  Another positive aspect of the system being site fabricated is that it supports the local economy by having installers in the area.

Easy Maintenance – Due to the design of the extrusions, the fabrics can be removed and replaced easily.  Stains, small tears, spills and water stains are all taken care of quickly and easily.

Strict Adherence to Fire Codes – Safety is paramount at Novawall Solutions, Inc.  The building codes call for an attached interior finish to pass the ASTM E-84 using mounting method 2573 (equal to NFPA 255 or UL 723), using the Steiner Tunnel Test.

The “1” Novawall Square edge and Midwall also complies with NFPA 265, the Corner Burn Test.  Novawall tries to retest every system every 5 to 7 year, in case changes have been made to the compounds used for the profiles or any of the components used in the system.

Sustainable Attributes – Novawall is a member of the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and is researching ways to make our product environmentally friendly and sustainable.  The Novawall system can be configured to contribute to LEED credits.  Novawall corporate will do the calculations for the projects (preliminary and final) using EcoScorecard; a LEED contributors calculator.  The printout from that are under contract with Novawall may not resell that track to anyone that is not trained to install it.

Controlled Distribution – Novawall Solutions, Inc. controls the distribution of the extrusions to authorized distributors and only certified can work with the track, or else the warranty will be voided.  This ensures a quality installation no matter where the project is located.  Authorized distributors that are under contract with Novawall may not resell that track to anyone that is not trained to install it.

Factory Certified Installers – All authorized Novawall distributors are required to send their installers to the corporate office in Alexandria, VA for training.  The installers train for 2 to 3 days with a seasoned trainer.

Wide Range of Fabric Compatibility – Novawall is not limited to using 100% polyester panels fabrics (the fabrics used must pass ASTM E-84 unadhered for commercial installations).  Novawall has kept an extensive fabric database that is updated frequently and tells us if a fabric will be compatible with a specified Novawall system.  If there is a special treatment that needs to be done to the fabric, we can prepare for the that ahead of time.  If there is a fabric we have not encountered, Novawall will call the manufacturer of the fabric, request a yard and test it for compatibility before it is installed.  Novawall takes this aspect of the system very seriously.  Fabric can be very expensive and can be a costly mistake if chosen incorrectly.

Exact Pattern Matching – Another feature of the front loaded system is the ability to do pattern matching.  The installer has some leeway before committing the fabric to the track, so the fabric can be “tweaked” and manipulated to match the patterns perfectly.

Aesthetic –  Novawall can be used for purely aesthetic applications.

Use of Core Materials – Novawall can be absorptive, or reflective or diffusive depending on the core materials chosen for the project.

  1. Acoustical – An absorptive core is typical fiberglass, either 6pcf or 3pct.
  2. Reflective – A reflective core is flat hard surface, such as gypsum board or wood.
  3. Diffusive – A diffusive core is a surface that varies in mathematical sequence, scattering the sound evenly in a specific frequency range.

Can Conform to Concave or Convex Surfaces – The Square and Weltless Edge extrusions (0510, 1020, and 1022) can be cut (kerf) to relieve the track for it to follow a curved or convex surface.  The Bevel Edges and the Midwall extrusions cannot conform to tight radius surfaces.  The 0512 Weltless Edge Track cannot be applied to a convex or concave curve, however it can be cut to make a circle. Call Novawall for Recommendations.

Exceptional Services – Novawall Systems, Inc. provides exceptional services to our distributors.  For this reason, we have relationships that have been in place for 10 years or more.  When a potential distributor is interviewed, it is made clear that we want you to be prosperous, which in turn will make the corporation healthy and able to supply the distributors with more tools and information to sell the product.

Novawall Warranties – Novawall has 3 warranties:

  • One for rigid PVC extrusions
  • One for EcoTRACK®
  • One Novaspan® fabric

The warranties are as follows:

      Novawall Systems, Inc. – Limited Warranty to Authorized Distributors and Certified Installers – Novawall Systems Inc. warrants to the original Authorized Purchasing Distributor or Installer only that the NSI Products (Novawall Extrusions and Novawall Fabric) are free of defects in workmanship and materials except as noted below, for the applicable warranty period.  Should any failure to conform with the LIMITED WARRANTY appear in the product, the Distributor shall notify NSI inn writing.  The sole remedy under this LIMITED WARRANTY shall be that NSI will provide the Distributor with an appropriate quantity of replacement material (freight not included).  The LIMITED WARRANTY commences on the date of shipment for the NSI.

    Rigid PVC Extrusions Lifetime Warranty – Novawall rigid PVC extrusions have a lifetime warranty against defects in the tracks; provided that the installation is done by a certified Novawall Installer under the direct supervision of an Authorized Novawall Distributor.  This warranty is from Novawall Systems, Inc. to the certified Distributor/Installer only; it does not go directly to any other entity.  The distributor/installer should have a warranty for the installation (usually for a period of one (1) to two (2) years).  The core and fabric should have warranties from the manufacturers as well.

    EcoTRACK® 5 Year Warranty – EcoTRACK has a five (5) year warranty against defects in the track; provided that the installation is done by a Certified Novawall Installer under the direct supervision of an Authorized Novawall Distributer.  This warranty is from Novawall Systems, Inc. to the Authorized Distributer/Installer only;  it does not go directly to any other entity.  The distributer should have a warranty for installation (usually for a period of one (1) to two (2) years.  The core and fabric should have warranties from the manufacturers as well.

   Novaspan® Warranty – Novaspan fabrics are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase provided that the installation is done by a Certified Novawall Installer under the direct supervision of the of an Authorized Novawall Installer under the direct supervision of the Authorized Novawall Distributor.  Natural variations, including minor flaws, inherent in the fabric manufacturing process, are not considered defects under this warranty.  NSI does not guarantee the matching of colors between bolts or dye lots, or the colorfastness of the finish.

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