Congratulations to Sellmax Limited for winning the Novawall Project of the Month for March 2021. The winning submission, Caritas Institute of Higher Education located in Hong Kong.

It was initially named; after Francis Hsu, the Bishop of Hong Kong between 1969 and 1973. In May 2011, the college was granted the degree-conferring status; and renamed as Caritas Institute of Higher Education as an institution for its academic awards up to bachelor’s degree level.

Over 800 yards of Innvasia fabric installed on 4,000 linear feet of Novawall 1″ Classic, Weltless, and 1″Midwall Track.
“The design and the system are unique and complicated. It is a 3-dimensional design with various depths and many different sizes. The difficulty further increases with the multi-color fabric arrangement. There was a lot of pre-planning, such as; material measurements, cuttings, and mockup approvals. Our sales team promoted Novawall to the Architect, confirming that we could build the design he wanted, and the finished product looked amazing!” Says project manager Alisha Leung.

Key members for this project include the project manager, Alisha Leung, Sellmax Limited, Palmer & Turner Architects and Engineers Ltd., and general contractor CR Construction.

Completed in the fourth quarter of 2020, Caritas Institute is one of the most complicated; yet impressive modern designs installed by Sellmax. If you want to know more about Step1, Step2, stay tuned. Novawall has several installations of this same solution.

Congratulations again to Alisha Leung and the entire Sellmax Limited team!

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