Congratulations to High Tech Ceiling for winning the Novawall Project of the Month for September 2023.

The winning submission is Cartier in Boca Raton, Florida.

Founded in 1847 in Paris, Cartier is one of the most recognizable names for luxury brands specializing in high-end jewelry, timepieces & accessories. In 2020, Forbes ranked Cartier 56th on its Most Valuable Brands list, with a brand value of $12.2 billion and revenue of $6.2 billion.

“We were awarded the Boca Cartier through the normal bid process, but this wasn’t our first Cartier project; it was our third!” “However, this one was different; when the GC looked at their plans, they weren’t familiar with Novawall nor how to achieve the new design concept.” “The Boca project would be the first store to incorporate curved walls throughout the design, and we were up for the challenge,” said PM Corinne Labastrous. “Just like Cartier, this project was very detailed and had to be perfect!”

The project called for over 1400 sq./ft of 1-inch Weltless Track and 200 yards of various fabrics, including Manuel Canovas, Diva Shantung-Nude, Betta-Craie, Estella-Copper, and Myrrhe-Lavalliere.

Cartier Boca didn’t come without its challenges; the unique design element of the curved walls, concave and convex wrapping columns, stretchy fabric, and complicated matching patterns was just the beginning. The coordination with the other trades for this project was tricky also, especially with the cabinet maker since they weren’t in the U.S. High Tech found themselves double-checking field measurements and comparing them with the drawings. To achieve the “puffy” look on some of the curved walls, High Tech used multiple cores such as 3/4″ fiberglass, 1/4″ Dacron, and high-density foam.

Key members for this project include Corinne Labastrous and Jamie Karp, Project Managers; Dominique Bachelet, installer; GC, Brodson Construction and Architectural Firm, Design Republic.

Completed in 9- weeks, High Tech Ceiling transformed the space of this high-end jewelry boutique with concave & convex curves wrapping around columns with luxurious complex matching pattern fabrics. Cartier wasn’t about the number of linear feet of track installed but the accomplishment of exceptional detail and quality of the Novawall System; the result is a beautiful display of perfection!

Congratulations again to Corinne, Jamie, Dominique, and the rest of the High Tech Ceiling Team!

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