Congratulations to Sellmax LTD for winning the Novawall Project of the Month for September 2022.
The winning submission is the Hong Kong International Airport, located in Hong Kong.

Having been in commercial operation since 1998, Hong Kong International Airport is one of the largest trans-shipment centers, passenger hubs, and gateways for destinations in Hong Kong, Greater China, Asia, and the world. HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport) is a principal contributor to Hong Kong’s economy, with approximately 65,000 employees.

, Through the bid process, Sellmax supplied a competitive bid, winning the project over five other competitors. The HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport) project called for over 1500 linear yards of Designtex and Camira fabrics and over 10,350 linear feet of 1-inch Weltless Edge, Outside Corner, and Midwall Track installed in twenty rooms. “Our biggest challenge was perfectly matching the Geometric pattern for each fabric.” “At times, it seemed nearly impossible to get the pattern to line up around the curved walls, but what we learned, with the correct amount of directional tension, it came out perfect,” said project manager Alisha Leung. The unique design element assisted with the clean lines and a fresh modern look.

Key members for this project include Alisha Leung, project manager, Sellmax installers; Aedas Architecture and Leighton Contracting, the GC.

Completed in phases; the first phase in 3 months and the second phase in one week; the Hong Kong International Airport project is the first for Sellmax with five unique Geometric pattern fabrics.

Congratulations again to; Alisha, Sellmax installers, and the rest of the Sellmax Team!

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