Congratulations to Cavanaugh Wall Solutions, Inc. for winning the Novawall Project of the Month for May 2022.

The winning submission is Siemens Healthineers, located in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

Siemens Healthineers is part of the large corporation; Siemens AG, a German multinational conglomerate corporation; and one of the largest industrial manufacturing companies in Europe.  Siemens is also the parent company of several medical technology companies.

This month’s winner, Cavanaugh Wall, reminds us of our “Bread and Butter” in this business, consistent panels. When it comes down to it, it’s no secret; that the last trades on a project are; painters, flooring, and “US.” So, as Novawall installation companies, it’s important when turning the keys over to the owner on Monday morning; doing it on time with no punch list is priority number one!  At first glance, you may think the fabric panels look pretty straightforward, but this project was no easy feat.  Cavanaugh installed over 5,000 SF of Novawall panels, 9,531 LF of Track, and 1,005 LYDS of Designtex Wannabe Rib fabric.

Through a relationship with the GC and the bid process, Cavanaugh was able to win and complete this project in record time. “This project didn’t come without its challenges, says project manager Kevin Brisbin. “The ribbed polyfelt fabric had a definite verticality to be maintained, long lead times for the integrated glass boards; was the other challenge.” Once we learned about the delay in boards, we coordinated with the whiteboard installer to confirm exact dimensions; with that in hand, we created niches in our panels with two-inch painted reveals all the way around.” “We used the Novawall 1020N Track and painted it white to match the trim around the reveal.” “We did a couple of walls early on as a mock-up for the architect, and they loved it. This was huge because it allowed us to continue using shops without the product to create all the various sized reveals ahead of time to complete the large quantity of scope on time; it went off without a hitch!”

Key members for this project include Justin Cristinziani, lead installer; Kevin Brisbin, project manager; David Powell architect and Structure Tone Philadelphia, the GC.

With a 10-week completion, the Siemens Healthineers project concluded with a luncheon hosted by StructureTone that recognized lead installer Justin Cristinziani for his outstanding workmanship.

Congratulations again to Kevin Brisbin, Justin Cristinziani, and the rest of the Cavanaugh Wall Team!

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