Congratulations to Sonus Interiors for winning Novawall’s first Project of the Month for September 2018.  Summit Brewery in St Paul, MN needed to renovate its Ratskeller Taproom. The owner described it as minimalistic and hard to hear with any kind of crowd.  For the renovation, Josh Dwyer from Sonus installed 1400 sq/ft of Novawall across all four walls.  Josh installed 1” Weltless on the tops and 1” Concealed track on the bottom covered by heavy knit fabric digitally printed by Pictura Graphics.  Opened in July, the Taproom now sounds great and the walls show the history of Summit Brewery.  Click on the attached link to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal for a more complete story.

Vlad Revniaga working with David Heide Design Studio and Construction Results Corp. headed the project up for Sonus Interiors.  The renovation took 9 months including moving a 130-year-old bar, a new entrance and an upgraded audio-visual system.  The results are amazing!

Check back next month and see who is announced for the October 2018 Project of the Month!

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