Congratulations to Ketchum & Walton Company (Cincinnati) for winning Novawall Project of the Month for December 2021. The winning submission is Wyler Automotive Group in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Founded in 1973, Wyler Automotive Group has 16 dealerships.  The dealerships sell new & used cars in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, including auto repair and service, body shops, auto insurance, and parts and accessories.  Wyler Automotive Groups is considered one of the premier auto groups in the tri-state area.

There was a need for a visual block on an upper mezzanine conference room that the Jeff Wyler Group refers to as the Reds Room. “The mezzanine overlooks a clean warehouse that currently houses a collection of classic cars that get moved around regularly, so some visual privacy was the goal.

“The project came about when Architectural firm 49 Degrees contacted us looking for a process to design an operable wall; we suggested using the Novawall VT Channel System.  Novawall VT Channel would allow the client to incorporate their graphics on the front and back of each panel while giving them the versatility of a movable screen”    said project sales manager John Kuprionis.  It took John several weeks to sketch the proper design for the project, including receiving technical support from a structural engineer.  The project consisted of 9 panels,  the middle panels are stationary, and the four on each side slide behind the center panel.  The center panel measure 9-feet 10-inches tall and 7-feet wide, and the eight side panels measure 9-feet 10-inches tall and 3-feet 10-inches wide.  Due to the size of the panels, the fabric was installed and tucked at the custom printer’s warehouse.  The finished product speaks for itself; looks amazing!

Key members for this project include sales and project managers John Kuprionis and Tom Mayne: Ketchum & Walton, and architectural firm 49 Degrees.

Completed in 6- weeks, the Wyler Automotive Group project is the first of its kind using Novawall VT Channel in this type of application.

Congratulations again to John Kuprionis, Tom Mayne, and the entire Ketchum & Walton -Cincinnati team!


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